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The gnashing of the teeth is nigh

February 28, 2021 2:32 am4 comments

True Gospel with SAVIOUS-PARKER KWINIKA ALL the prophecies that Jesus Christ predicted in the Holy Book are being fulfilled. The writing is now on the wall. It is all up to us humans to either believe or not. People of Jehovah God, realise that in the last days, difficult times […]

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South Africa gaming industry in exponential growth

February 26, 2021 9:18 am1 comment

by MTHULISI SIBANDA JOHANNESBURG – THE past year, characterised by the outbreak of the coronavirus and the subsequent lockdown, has brought unprecedented growth in the South African gaming industry. According to an industry executive, the lockdown imposed since the end of March has led to gamers embracing their passion even more. […]

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Technology essential in achievement of global SDGs

8:42 am2 comments
Senior Vice President for Huawei, Catherine Chen

by MTHULISI SIBANDA JOHANNESBURG – TECHNOLOGY holds significant benefits for humanity and digital technology can be an indispensable tool in the United Nations attaining its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This is the view of Catherine Chen, the senior vice president at global technology giant Huawei. She was delivering a keynote speech […]

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