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New anti-ageing treatment for SA women

A-Firm Intensive Moisture Lift Hyaluronic Ampoule Box copy
A-Firm Intensive Moisture Lift Hyaluronic Ampoule Box copy

JOHANNESBURG – JUSTINE, the leading South African beauty company, has introduced a new anti-ageing treatment.

The treatment known as A-Firm Intensive Moisture-Lift Hyaluronic Ampoules, provide the skin with a high concentrate of anti-ageing and moisture-intense ingredients.

It is hailed as a “powerful treatment made with powerful ingredients, for an all-round, improved, youthful appearance.”

“Ageing is an inevitable human condition, but through scientific innovation we can reverse and defer the visible signs of ageing and turn back the hands of time,” said Momin Hukamdad, Avon Justine’s Executive Director for Commercial Marketing in South Africa.

“A-Firm Intensive Moisture-Lift Hyaluronic Ampoules provides women with a scientifically formulated treatment that allows them to restore the skin’s appearance to a healthier and more youthful look.”

The official said A-Firm Intensive Moisture-Lift Hyaluronic Ampoules not only helps to stimulate healthy collagen and repair elastin, but also assist to target wrinkles at their sources.

“We are excited to introduce this ground-breaking product to the market and we believe that it will help South African women to restore their youthful glow and infuse them with confidence to face the World,” Hukamdad said.

A-Firm Intensive Moisture-Lift Hyaluronic Ampoules have been clinically and dermatologically tested for allergies and is hypoallergenic.

They will be available at R249 for a pack of 7 Ampoules from a Justine consultant or directly through the website.

– CAJ News




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