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Telko Business expands fibre footmark

JOHANNESBURG – TELKOM Business has partnered with third party service providers to extend its fibre footprint in South Africa.

This comes as fibre broadband services are now at peak demand due to some factors including the coronavirus pandemic.

“As a partner of the small and medium business, we are always looking for opportunities that will allow business owners to fully take advantage of our affordable solutions,” said Innocent Pereira, Telkom Business’ Executive of Marketing.

The official said while Openserve is already servicing Telkom Business customers, the expansion of the open access fibre network with fibre partners means that more small and medium businesses can benefit from the coverage and get connected to access high-speed broadband across South Africa.

“The partnership with other fibre providers enables us to assure that we can always keep all our business customers connected, both existing and new customers,” Pereira said.

Pereira said as SMEs adjusted to operating in the middle of a pandemic, Telkom Business aimed to enable them to evolve with technology.

“This is to not only ensure survival in this new environment, but to also allow SMEs to do business more efficiently and effectively while ensuring that their reduced budgets stretch further,” he added.

Meanwhile, Openserve, a partner of Telkom Business, has also introduced fibre-on-demand services as part of its efforts to eventually migrate its customer base from asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) to fibre.

– CAJ News

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