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Justine’s sleep therapy range a skincare routine must

JOHANNESBURG – JUSTINE’S Sleep Therapy is hailed as another important drill beauty enthusiasts should follow.

It enhances skin repair while the user sleeps.

“Sleep is an absolute essential for the wellness of skin,” said Edwin Kodinye, Head: Beauty Categories at Avon Justine.

He said during rest, the skin rejuvenates itself with several important changes.

Skin cells are actively growing while both Cortisol, the hormone that regulates inflammation amongst other functions, and pH levels dip during the night.

“In addition to this, sebum production decreases during the night, resulting in moisture loss,” Kodinye said.

“Lastly, during skin’s renewal mode, product absorption from skincare ingredients is maximised, making night-time skincare crucial for healthy, youthful skin.”

Justine is the brand behind the original Tissue Oil.

This has a Sleep Therapy range that includes a Sleep Therapy Oil, a calming Body oil, nourishing Body Butter, Oil Bath Crème, Melt-In Mask face Night Crème.

The Justine Tissue Oil Sleep Therapy range is available on the online store or through local Justine consultants.

There is free delivery for orders of R500 or more.

– CAJ News

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