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Jobbers ready to work with SA’s new on-tap workforce

JOHANNESBURG – BUSINESS and brands can now afford accurate real-time, location-specific or virtual solutions to chunky tasks at a fraction of the market cost.

Citizens from across South Africa also have the opportunity to earn extra money via their phones.

This follows the launch of Jobb’n, by the Nfinity group.

“Marketplace crowdsourcing is here and it has the opportunity to add cash to your wallet if you’re an individual, or to save and stretch your budget if you’re a company,” said Jobb’n Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the newest subsidiary within the Nfinity Influencer stable, Pieter Groenewald.

Providing immediate access to a diverse pool of talent and to complete a vast array of tasks, Jobb’n matches businesses from all industries with the right people for the right purpose and, alongside Nfinity’s other subsidiary theSALT, has tapped into its 345 000-strong resource community.

The tasks ‘Jobbers complete are wide-ranging, from beta-testing new innovations to facilitating store hygiene tasks to testing the efficacy of an ad campaign.

At the same time, the platform is also an individual’s answer to starting a side-hustle by leveraging and capitalising on their time and services.

The realities of the South African labour market in the last quarter have been cause for concern.

Along with job losses and high rates of unemployment, socio-economic factors are impacting industry — struggling with challenges such as chronic shortage of talent as well as citizens, many of whom find themselves without work.

Working with some of the country’s top blue-chip companies to reach their marketing, sales and operational goals, Jobb’n promises key services across in-trade activities, smart surveys, social canvassing, ad testing and packaging as well as smart sampling, sales and real-time reviews.

Groenewald disclosed one of South Africa’s major pet food suppliers recently used Jobb’n to verify the merchandising of their products in 200 third-party stores.

“The organisation didn’t have the workforce to achieve this, and Jobb’n provided immediate access to a vetted, credible pool of people and successfully obtained live data from every store, including those as far-flung as Kakamas, within 48 hours.”

– CAJ News

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