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North Africa the best for remote work

from MOHAMED EL KADIRI in Marrakech, Morocco
MARRAKESH – MOROCCO and Tunisia are the best countries in Africa for remote work, according to new research.

The Global Remote Work Index (GRWI), released by cyber security company, NordLayer, based on the criteria of cyber safety, economic safety, digital and physical infrastructure as well as social safety.

Denmark tops the global list.

Among all 20 African countries part of the index, only Morocco (48th) ranks in the global Top 50. The North African country was helped by its tourism attractiveness (16th) and cyber safety (19th), which includes an excellent response capacity (5th).

Morocco is followed by Tunisia (53th) with an 18th tourism attractiveness position. Not far in the index is Mauritius (58th), which has excellent infrastructure (9th) and tourism attractiveness (14th).

Most African countries are at the bottom of the index, Angola ranking last, 108th among 108 countries.

Zimbabwe and Mozambique are close as they are respectively 106th and 107th. This poor ranking is mostly because Uganda, Cameroon, Senegal, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Tanzania, and Angola are in the top ten of the worst digital and physical infrastructures.

African countries are recognized for their tourism attractiveness as they are all in the top 30, with Mauritius leading in the 14th position, followed by Morocco and South Africa (both 16th), Botswana (17th) and Tunisia as well as Kenya (18th).

“In the age of remote work, cyber security is not just an option,” said Donatas Tamelis, Managing Director at NordLayer.

The official said it is a critical necessity to safeguard data and protect organizations from evolving cyber threats.

“Working remotely opens up new opportunities, but it also exposes us to potential security risks. Cyber security vigilance is our first line of defense,” Tamelis said.

The outbreak of COVID-19 accelerated the need for remote work.

– CAJ News

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