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TechnoAfrica is Africa’s premier information and communications technology news provider focusing on the exposure of technology development and investment opportunities that exist in the continent.

TechnoAfrica specialises in reporting Broadband, Mobile & Telecoms, Software, Hardware, IT Security, Cloud Computing, industrial solutions and applications.

TechnoAfrica is accessed via web: www.technoafrica.co.za

African Independent Media Group (AIM), headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, owns this continent’s premier technology online publication.

Apart from boasting its presence in all three regional blocks for Africa comprising southern, eastern and western Africa regions, TechnoAfrica receives widest media coverage from Pan Africa‘s leading news service provider – CAJ News (Centre for African Journalists).

What sets TechnoAfrica apart from other IT publications is that it has experienced and specialised journalists well-versed in technological nitty gritties.

The publication’s main objective is to connect the African continent to the world through technology.

This is in recognition of the fact that emerging African markets have not been receiving favourable coverage, especially when it comes to IT, Mobiles & Telecoms, Software, Broadband, Security despite ample research suggesting the continent is the future of the ICT industry

Thus, TechnoAfrica covers multi-national companies and small, medium and micro-enterprises (SMMEs) to create business and employment opportunities as well as improve the standard of life on the continent through the use of modern technology, solutions, mobiles and telecoms

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